BP-5000 5000VA Balanced Isolation Power Conditioner
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BP-5000 5000VA Balanced Isolation Power Conditioner

High Quality Toroidal Isolation Power Transformer,Feature as below:
   A.The key to all toroidal transformer advantages is its efficiency. And the key to its efficiency is the core.
      The core is a continuous strip of grain oriented silicon steel, wound like a clock spring, under tension.
      It is annealed to relax the molecular structure which ensures that all grains are in the magnetic direction
      (unlike the old standard EI, with about 40% in the wrong direction). There is no air gap, resulting in a
      stacking factor of 95% of its weight. Since all the windings are symmetrically spread over the entire round,
      gapless core, a higher flux density is possible. The magnetic flux is in the same direction as the grain
      oriented silicon steel core, thus achieving very high electrical efficiencies. Typical efficiency figures for
      toroidal transformers are 90%.

   B.Toroidal transformers radiate about 1/10 the magnetic field of EI transformers; this is, again, because of
      the inherent efficiency and unique construction. The windings which cover the core act as a shield.
      The magnetic field is contained doing what it should, transforming energy from primary to secondary.
      This may eliminate the need for special shielding. Likes HIFI equipment and medical equipment.

   C.Toroidal transformers are also acoustically quieter than EI transformers. In addition the windings tightly
      envelope the entire core, effectively reducing magnetostriction – the main source of the familiar
      mechanical hum found in standard vertically laminated EI transformers. Compared to EI transformers,
      toroidal are silent. That is why the toroidal transformer is suitable use in sensitive equipment.

   D.This efficiency yields the most easily identifiable feature of the toroid, its size benefit.
      Toroidal transformers are about half the size and weight of standard transformers.

Surge Protection: BP-Series power conditioner protects connected equipment through innovative series mode surge suppression that also
  pays attention to   keeping the power clean. Most surge suppression circuits are shunt-mode. Excessive voltage surges are “shunted” to
  ground, which raises ground voltage and may contaminate audio and video signals. KECES design absorbs surges more than 2V above
  peak line voltage, so ground is not affected. KECES further innovates by using the Toroidal Isolation transformer to replace the series
  inductor typically used by other brands. This ensures extremely low stray magnetic fields within the chassis.

Input Voltage Detection:Under Voltage Protection(UVP)、Over Voltage Protection(OVP).

Isolation Ground:Since balanced power these voltages are of opposite polarity though, and given that most interference in a typical AC line
  is common between the two lines, the noise in the lines is eliminated when the two lines are added together. This is effectively known as
  Common Mode Rejection (CMR).

Input Voltage 110V-120V or 220V-240V
Output Voltage 110V-120V or 220V-240V
Power VA 600VA+600VA+3800VA
NO. Outlets


Casing 4mm Aluminum
Dimension (WxDxH) 430x340x133mm


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